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          About Us

          Mother's indispensable Civil was founded in 1997 in Kartal, Istanbul.

          In a small store of 50 square meters, 0-14 year-old child textile retail sales started with giant steps.

          We became a big family and that year we sold 750,000 products.

          In 2007, we reached 6 million TL turnover.

          In 2008, we moved to our new 15.000 square meter center in Maltepe and expanded our targets.

          We have increased our average store size to 2000 square meters.

          We did not stop in 2008, we started to create our products and our own concepts.

          Success is not enough for us, we entered e-commerce in 2008 with

          We are one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Turkey, which has been opened 15 million times a year.

          In 2013, we designed our licensed cartoon characters in our global goals by bringing a different dimension to our brand.

          They were so loved, we reached 250.000 subscribers and 500 million viewers on YouTube.

          In 2017, our family grew more and more, we became a big family with 1.750 people.

          We've increased the number of stores to 64.

          Thus, we have reached 200.000 m2 sales areas in 34 provinces of Turkey and 4 million customers per year.

          250 Brand.
          44.000 Product.

          In 2017, we made a turnover of 410 million TL with sales of 22 million products consisting of 250 distinguished brands and 44.000 varieties.

          After our incredible sales success in the market, we opened our wholesale store at Merter, 3.200 m2.

          We have already made a successful start in exports by selling wholesale products to 9 countries.

          Today, our e-commerce platform is capable of serving 6 million users per year, 700 customers per day.

          In 2020, our targets are huge.Our domestic turnover target is 1.2 billion TL.

          We will be one of the largest global brands of Turkey with our fairs and advertising campaigns on the international platform.

          Our export target is 10 million dollars in 36 countries in the first year.

          Our 2020 export target is 250 million dollars.

          We have a 20-year-old story today.
          And this is the story of us, of you, of our country...

          Moms knows the best.


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