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          Confidentiality Agreement

          Civilkids.com requests a number categories of persona information from the Users (Name, Age, Interests, Residence, e-mail etc.) in order to provide and improve the services offered.

          This data gathered in Civilkids.com databases is to be used for the planning of seasonal sales and special promotions directed towards customer profiles, and categorization of customers to prevent the forwarding of unwanted e-mails. This usage takes place entirely and only within the structure of Civilkids.com.

          Civilkids.com never shares the data gathered via User registration forms with 3rd parties, uses them for commercial purposes outside its field of activities or sells them without the knowledge or consent of the relevant users. Civilkids.com analyses and interprets the visitor traffic and choices data –which excludes the e-mail addresses and other data gathered from registration forms- gathered during the regular usage of the website.

          These statistical data, which does not include any sort of personal data- may be shared by Civilkids.com with it’s business partners in order to create a more specialized and efficient shopping experience. The personal data may only be disclosed to official bona fide authorities in cases where it is requested by these authorities in accordance with the current legislation, and only to the extent prescribed in the concerned legislation. Data entered into the system is accessible only to the customer and may only be changed by the User. 3rd parties may not access this data and/or change it.

          The user may at any time be exempted from the daily e-mail recipient list via clicking the “Please click to be exempted from the e-bulletin list” link present below the e-mails sent by Civil.

          Moreover, “Secure Sockets Layer” (SSL) technology is utilized in civilkids.com. Since your personal data is encrypted via our 128 bit SSL certificate, their acquisition by 3rd parties is entirely prevented.

          Civil Tekstil A.Ş.

          Address : Mehmet Nesih Özmen mh Kasım Sokak No: 27 Merter Güngören İstanbul

          Phone : +90 212 553 00 01

          E-mail : b2b@civilkids.com

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